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I’m Tired

Dear Friends, I am tired. Exhausted. Insightful. Smarter. I am having to go through the exercise of tagging my posts from the past three years. Yes – Jessicabarraco.com is nearly THREE years old! I can’t believe it either. And we’re giving her a facelift before things really start take off with The Butterfly Groove – and life. I want my website to look as prepared as I feel. And now, when you read a blog post you like of mine, […]

There’s No Crying At Tiffany’s

Dear Friends, I live in Manhattan, so when I go to Tiffany’s, it’s not a Tiffany’s – it’s THE Tiffany’s. People travel there from around the world to take pictures of the flagship store, buy engagement rings, buy graduation pens, register for wedding gifts, return baby gifts (does that silver rattle really need to cost $400 or does mommy need a sapphire celebration band?) and more. It’s actually a powerful feeling, I think, to be an establishment that houses so […]


Dear Friends, I’m not sure why I seem to run into so many people who are limited emotionally. Is it an epidemic that runs rampant in men in their 20’s and early 30’s? I looked it up in the Thesaurus to find synonyms for limited. They are abhorrent words like inhibit, reduce, restrain, constrict, narrow and hinder. These are all terrible words that I associate with negativity, people who can’t enjoy life, people who are so afraid to let go […]

All It Takes Is One

Dear Friends, Why do people always say that? It’s like some terrible Hallmark saying that has gone way out of style. I don’t believe that there is one person who could make you happy, one person who can further your career and one opportunity that changes everything. I simply don’t. It is all people see because the world is so vast that you can’t fathom that other things/peoples/careers/places might make you happy because it is too difficult to bear that […]

The Finger

Dear Friends, I hurt my finger this weekend at a holiday party. No, I was not giving someone the finger. Although, it is that middle finger. I was tipsy and aggressively going through a huge pile of coats and sprained my finger. I guess I thought I was Wonder Woman and took 100 coats by the jaws of three of my (weakest) fingers on my right hand. Woops. They call it liquid courage and my target demographic is a stack […]

Pest Control

Dear Friends, Have you ever hit a point in your life where you feel like you wish you were an exterminator? That’s right. You heard me. I wish I had never gone to journalism school and that I instead went to pest control school because then maybe I wouldn’t have mice and roaches in my $1,300 a month apartment in the city. WTF is up with that?! Also, knowing how to trap and kill pests might aid me in dating. […]

The Great 50

Dear Friends, I just saw my favorite movie of the year last night – 50/50. It’s a comedy about cancer, and the reason why it works despite the morbid undertones is that the screenwriter based it off of his life. He experienced a cancer scare, and learned to be stronger because of it. He managed to depict a flawless range of emotions one would feel, and how they would all play out in a daily routine – you must eat, […]

The Old College Try

Dear Friends, When is the college try going to go out of style? Let’s recap from the urban dictionary for those of you who aren’t familiar with lazy, easily discouraged people/majors/projects that mimic that of a college student’s intent. College Try: Giving something your best shot, even if you aren’t sure how to do it. Attempting the “old college try” always results in uncontrolled rage and frustration rather than learning. This condition is only augmented by trying to find help […]

Flood of Emotion

Dear Friends, I lived through the first (I think?) NYC hurricane. At first, I wasn’t bothered by it. I thought, hurricane on Madison Avenue? Come on, now. Who cares. Mellow out. But half of Manhattan closed up, boarded up and was sealed to the eye of the storm. There’s something about seasonal meltdowns that cause me my own flood of emotions. I’m sure it will get worse tomorrow, as I’ll be “Castaway” in my own tiny apartment especially made for […]

The Panic Button

Dear Friends, I just had my first walking through lower Manhattan meltdown. It was a good one too. For some reason, on a Monday there were tons of people out and everyone seemed to be looking me straight in the eye. All those dark, enigmatic streets you hear about in crime stories dissipated into over-lit scaffolding and well-lit corners. Must have been Guiliani. I had gotten a goodbye text from someone who should have been superlatively unimportant in my life, […]