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I’m Tired

Dear Friends, I am tired. Exhausted. Insightful. Smarter. I am having to go through the exercise of tagging my posts from the past three years. Yes – Jessicabarraco.com is nearly THREE years old! I can’t believe it either. And we’re giving her a facelift before things really start take off with The Butterfly Groove – and life. I want my website to look as prepared as I feel. And now, when you read a blog post you like of mine, […]

The Marathon & #ObsesswJess

Dear Friends, I know what you’re thinking. And no, I have not decided to be extremely focused and train for a marathon (like everyone else in big cities in 2013). This is more a metaphor for how I’m feeling in life right now. I have some great news — an agent for The Butterfly Groove, a job that is about something I really care about and is slowing down for the summer, and dating isn’t even going so badly… Yet, […]

There’s No Crying At Tiffany’s

Dear Friends, I live in Manhattan, so when I go to Tiffany’s, it’s not a Tiffany’s – it’s THE Tiffany’s. People travel there from around the world to take pictures of the flagship store, buy engagement rings, buy graduation pens, register for wedding gifts, return baby gifts (does that silver rattle really need to cost $400 or does mommy need a sapphire celebration band?) and more. It’s actually a powerful feeling, I think, to be an establishment that houses so […]

Hope Meets Faith

Dear Friends, If there’s one thing I was raised without, it was hope. Hope is this intangible thing I’ve had to teach myself to believe in without much proof of. I’m no lawyer, but I am quite inquisitive, so for that reason, hope is always both my best friend and enemy in life. Hope makes me feel inadequate sometimes, as if I’m almost unworthy of its gifts because I don’t *always* believe. I wasn’t born a Disney princess. While I […]

Not Mine

Dear Friends, I am so tired of having conversations or taking part in anything that does not belong to me. Is that messed up? Selfish, even? You might think so at first, but what I’m saying has a lot of truth to it. I just got home from an author event where the only cute guy there who took interest in asking me normal questions about my life inevitably has a girlfriend. He did not bring this up until we […]

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Dear Friends, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” my mother used to say. This is an expression I never really understood until like, yesterday, because I don’t own a basket, nor do I pick my own eggs, and also, I’m Jewish, so I always kind of thought this was a taboo Easter reference. I guess it’s not. Would you like to know what this catch-phrase means? It has withstood centuries. I bet Abe Lincoln used to say it […]


Dear Friends, Rejection. Is there anything worse? If you’re like me, you’re a person who takes risks, moves across the country, believes in herself, and does her best to suspend disbelief into the “universe,” or nothing, if you’re at all as cynical as I am. There are so many things in my life that are up in the air and instead of feeling liberated and curious, I feel scared and defeated. It’s not fun for me to not know what’s […]


Dear Friends, I am NOT a morning person. In fact, I hate the morning. The worst things happen in the morning. You have to wake yourself up out of your own slumber, and realize that whatever happened the day before is now further away from you, such that you might have to question yourself if it’s actually there anymore. There’s this pathetic song from the 1960’s, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” that maps a girl’s inner angst as to […]

LinkedIn, Linked How?

Dear Friends, If you’ve tried to find me on Facebook and failed, it’s because I’m not on it. I relinquished the control that social media had on my life (except this website) about six months ago and it feels great! No more can I stalk the random girl I did not care about in college and internalize minute jealousy that she’s engaged before me, and no longer do I keep tabs on every drunken hook-up I had in college. Because […]

Surprises Are Not Overrated

Dear Friends, As I enjoy my last bits of the weekend, I think about how much my life has changed in the past year. I think about people in the last year who I no longer speak to, and people in my life that I’ve currently questioned; where in previous times, I never did once. Recently, a few people have turned a new and hopeful leaf about our relationships, and I’m not sure how long or IF it will last, […]