Clean Out Your Closet, Clean Up Your Heart

Dear Friends,

If you ever get a chance to meet my boyfriend, and care to ask him what my favorite things are he would say this in this order: “Organizing, throwing stuff away, and laundry.” OK, I will admit I am a Virgo. I make my bed every morning (and will risk being late to do so).

I grew up in a messy environment to say the least. There were mounds of crap everywhere like you might see on an episode of “Hoarders.” I guess since ever since I left my childhood home, I’ve had an affinity to cull my possessions and only keep what’s necessary (or of extreme sentimental value). If I could control how kept my environment is, then maybe my life would follow suit.

Some singles say it’s easy to build up emotional baggage dating. But I say that’s wrong. It’s because people jump from one thing to another in this day and age that nothing is ever “resolved” and you have that feeling of not being done. In order for things to be done, you have to let them lie. You have to resolve things or else it’s the same thing as having a messy bedroom – you’ll end up with a messy heart.

A few tips I’ve learned to prepare for a new situation (of any kind):

  • Write about the experience
  • Give yourself time
  • Get a hobby
  • Go on a trip
  • Believe you deserve more
  • Give yourself TIME

Clean up your life, and you will surely clean up your heart. You will send the message to the universe that you are ready and have room for more, and if you have any sort of spiritual belief, the universe will answer you. But believing is key.

I always knew this was emotionally true for me, but I didn’t see it become physically true until I started to hate my job with a passion last year. It went from annoying to difficult to unfathomable in about six months. I knew my heart was done there, but my head (and bank account/resume) couldn’t be, so what did I do? I cleaned out my desk as if it was my last day at work. I remember a girl walked by and said, “Oh my! You aren’t leaving, are you?” (I had an open floor plan). To which, I said, “Oh, no – just some spring cleaning!” I remember telling a couple of people that I cleaned out my desk to inspire myself for something new. To tell the universe I was looking for more and had the space to prove it. That famous song lyric, “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” I thought, well if I show the universe I actually need something to fill the space, maybe it will. Show the world that this space isn’t indicative of you – you are choosing to inhabit this space, but are still looking for the desk of your dreams. The love of your dreams. The pet of your dreams. The house of your dreams. You get the picture.

Sure enough, three months later, I had an amazing job offer on the table and took it. And left my semi-empty desk as fast as I could.

My new desk is simple, neat, and has pictures of my nephews and my boyfriend on it. I have this mini fan that does wonders when I’m too hot and a sweater in my drawer for when I’m too cold.

Too often are we all too complacent. Afraid of re-evaluating things. Afraid of saying, “This just isn’t for me.” I’m not one for feeling stuck, but sometimes you are stuck when your bank account says you are, or life’s circumstances hold you hostage in a space you don’t want to be in – emotional or physical. So I developed this habit to show that even when you are stuck, you don’t have to feel stuck. You CAN choose to look around at your cleaned out desk and think, “I could leave this tomorrow.” And you just might.








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