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Intentions Are Everything

Dear Friends, Is it just me or are you suffering from excuse-overload? I am so tired of hearing people’s excuses. Why do they feel the need to make them? The only reason you should make excuses as far as I’m concerned, is if you’re trying to get out of a workout class with strict cancellation policies and you would otherwise be charged upwards of $40 if you don’t show up… and you have cramps. I cannot come up with any […]

The Panic Button

Dear Friends, I just had my first walking through lower Manhattan meltdown. It was a good one too. For some reason, on a Monday there were tons of people out and everyone seemed to be looking me straight in the eye. All those dark, enigmatic streets you hear about in crime stories dissipated into over-lit scaffolding and well-lit corners. Must have been Guiliani. I had gotten a goodbye text from someone who should have been superlatively unimportant in my life, […]

LinkedIn, Linked How?

Dear Friends, If you’ve tried to find me on Facebook and failed, it’s because I’m not on it. I relinquished the control that social media had on my life (except this website) about six months ago and it feels great! No more can I stalk the random girl I did not care about in college and internalize minute jealousy that she’s engaged before me, and no longer do I keep tabs on every drunken hook-up I had in college. Because […]

When I Woke Up This Morning…

You were on my mind. Yeah, you were on my mind. Dear Friends, The song I’m quoting is by We Five, a one-hit wonder band of 1965. This was me and my mom’s song. We used to listen to it on K-EARTH 101.1, the Oldies station. I have the fondest memories of riding around in my mom’s silver Volvo station wagon with her, listening to Oldies. But especially this song. It was “our song.” It was the first experience I […]