Dear Friends,

I’m not sure why I seem to run into so many people who are limited emotionally. Is it an epidemic that runs rampant in men in their 20’s and early 30’s? I looked it up in the Thesaurus to find synonyms for limited. They are abhorrent words like inhibit, reduce, restrain, constrict, narrow and hinder. These are all terrible words that I associate with negativity, people who can’t enjoy life, people who are so afraid to let go and release (which if you were wondering are the antonyms of limited), that they live inside their world where they believe this is the only safe way to be. Love isn’t a diet. You don’t need to constrict and restrain and inhibit your sentimental intake. There are no caloric values. It seems to me that in 2012, young people’s only bigger fear besides being fat, is being emotionally available. It’s ironic to me that everyone speaks so highly of being single and having freedom to do what you want, but if you were so free, then you would be able to tell when something was worth splurging for.

Would you go to a store that was open sometimes? Would you buy brands that made food or clothing sometimes? No, you would lose interest because it wasn’t consistent. Or human nature says, you’d like it even more, because it’s unavailable. Am I the only person breathing who wants what she CAN have? I know, I know. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s ignoring, passive aggressiveness, I was in the moment, I was being genuine, I, I, I. I am so tired of hearing these lame excuses. I remember being so pissed a a few years ago when a guy was forthcoming with me and had to cancel a date because he felt another relationship was progressing. Apparently he was on The Bachelor, but whatever. And he felt uncomfortable seeing me again given that he was more emotionally attached to someone else. I would LOVE if this happened to me now. I remember being so hurt and angry, but you know what? He’s still with that girl, we never got too physically involved, and he’s in love with her. At least he didn’t not see me again for some girl that had no chance at longevity. That’s timing to me, not emotionally unavailability. It’s irresponsible, it’s like not wearing a condom. Which some limited people are hell-bent on doing. But I won’t name names.

I just feel bad for them. And now I’m questioning why there is a store called The Limited – is that supposed to be cool? It’s cool now to be limited? I guess meth is still cool in some states, so limited is nothing in comparison. I do not respond nor believe in this closed off mentality. Nobody ever got anywhere being cocooned in their own bullshit. Get a therapist. Get on drugs. Get a grip. Perhaps don’t get physically involved with someone when you feel like you are at your LIMIT. Just suggestions from me to the limited – not the store, the people’s movement.

It’s so rude and hurtful and unnecessary. People should not be sexually rewarded for being this way either. I wish the world was divided by people who are limited and people who are not. And all the limited people had big L’s on their forehead. I wouldn’t ever look in their direction. I don’t care if Ryan Gosling had an L on his forehead – there is no amount of cute that can surmount getting involved with someone who is closed off. The best part are the people who are open sometimes, and closed off for the most part. But when you see them, they’re pretty open, and when you don’t, they are emotionally confined to the square footage of a helium tank. I’m not even sure these people should have cell phones or free will. There should be an amendment passed where people who are unavailable have to go live in a confine – one of their favorite words.

But of course, the psychology is that these people are on a pendulum and they have no idea what they’re doing or when they might not be open any longer, so they just do shit and expect it to be fine. New word for this: selfish.

In conclusion, I am at MY limit with the limited. I want nothing to do with them and having seen both sides, I’d rather be with someone brewing with emotion and openness than closed off and confined and inhibited. They say sex makes you lose your inhibitions, which is great. Means that bottled up people can be open during sex, and then closed off immediately after. Lovely – that really gets me going.



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