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May Memorial

Dear Friends, I haven’t written in so long. You must have thought I abandoned my own website. Or someone hacked into it who could care less about writing. I have been going through a lot of changes. Usually I don’t agree with the statement: change is good, but right now I do. There’s nothing like reflecting back to last Memorial day and being so happy it was a year ago. It’s kind of amazing what can happen in a year. […]

Hope Meets Faith

Dear Friends, If there’s one thing I was raised without, it was hope. Hope is this intangible thing I’ve had to teach myself to believe in without much proof of. I’m no lawyer, but I am quite inquisitive, so for that reason, hope is always both my best friend and enemy in life. Hope makes me feel inadequate sometimes, as if I’m almost unworthy of its gifts because I don’t *always* believe. I wasn’t born a Disney princess. While I […]


Dear Friends, I am really slacking with my posts. Winter has slowed me down, I suppose. If I were in Smash, trying to get a musical from workshop to the big stage, I would probably fail. I can’t even keep up with my own blog. Sometimes I wish I was trying out for broadway. I was a performer in a different life, I think. I mean, if you ask my close friends, I could still wing it. I’m sort of […]

Have A Little Faith

Dear Friends, Have any of you heard this phrase and rolled your eyes? If so, we can seriously be friends and not just “friends” via my blog. My whole life, someone, somewhere has told me to “have a little faith.” I guess this means I came out of the womb doubting. Despite this, I am  not a negative person, just realistic. I like to see things before I believe them. As much as I loved magic when I was a […]


Dear Friends, If I could describe my saving grace in life right now – it could be summarized in one word: spinning. I know everyone thinks spinning is for chicks who are out of shape and too lazy to run, but they are so very wrong. Take a spin class with me and my friends and see for yourself. You will likely not make it through without nausea or needing to take a breather. Us girls go three times a […]

This One’s For You

Dear Friends, Today I remember my mother. She has been gone for twelve years today and it still feels like yesterday that I was sitting in my algebra class, and felt my heart sink at 2:42pm. I knew she was gone. I felt her leave the Earth – like so many loved ones report feeling. You know when loved ones are departing, or when they are in danger, or at worst, dead. I have devoted the past two years of […]

Flood of Emotion

Dear Friends, I lived through the first (I think?) NYC hurricane. At first, I wasn’t bothered by it. I thought, hurricane on Madison Avenue? Come on, now. Who cares. Mellow out. But half of Manhattan closed up, boarded up and was sealed to the eye of the storm. There’s something about seasonal meltdowns that cause me my own flood of emotions. I’m sure it will get worse tomorrow, as I’ll be “Castaway” in my own tiny apartment especially made for […]

Better In Theory

Dear Friends, So many things in life are better in theory. Bangs, for one. Those peanut butter milk shakes at Jamba Juice, coconut water, GPAs, stargazing, dance clubs and theme parks. Long walks on the beach, cuddling up by the fire, Justin Bieber, popping open a bottle of champagne, fairy tales. Some things in life are just underwhelming, but seem really loud and therefore assume importance. Beauty marks are better in theory because they can turn into moles that can […]

Crossing the Street

Dear Friends, One of the first justifications I gave myself for moving to NYC was, “I’m not afraid of being hit by a car.” Growing up driving in California, how could I be? It’s not that hard to see pedestrians, and it’s not that hard to put your foot on the break last-minute. I love J-walking, in fact. I’m such a wimp, I get a little thrill out of it without a total, all-consuming adrenaline rush that is otherwise abhorrent […]


Dear Friends, The only thing that can be sometimes nerve-racking about being me is when things are actually going well and I’m suddenly concerned that somebody might be reading this blog and understand exactly what or who I’m referring to. I guess that’s the price I pay for being an aspiring author. I chose to be honest with the world and share my non-fiction life in a fiction-like way. Usually I complain to you, but today I’m not. Today the […]