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There’s No Crying At Tiffany’s

Dear Friends, I live in Manhattan, so when I go to Tiffany’s, it’s not a Tiffany’s – it’s THE Tiffany’s. People travel there from around the world to take pictures of the flagship store, buy engagement rings, buy graduation pens, register for wedding gifts, return baby gifts (does that silver rattle really need to cost $400 or does mommy need a sapphire celebration band?) and more. It’s actually a powerful feeling, I think, to be an establishment that houses so […]

Catching the Bouquet

Dear Friends, Catching the bouquet, or as I like to say, “I won the bouquet!” The history of this term comes from the 14th and 15th centuries, according to Yahoo! Answers. “There was an ancient belief that certain herbs contained in the bridal bouquet were good luck. In order to pass on this luck, the bride would choose a friend to present the bouquet to at the end of the wedding.” I caught it free and clear last weekend, I […]

The Finger

Dear Friends, I hurt my finger this weekend at a holiday party. No, I was not giving someone the finger. Although, it is that middle finger. I was tipsy and aggressively going through a huge pile of coats and sprained my finger. I guess I thought I was Wonder Woman and took 100 coats by the jaws of three of my (weakest) fingers on my right hand. Woops. They call it liquid courage and my target demographic is a stack […]

The F Train

Dear Friends, I almost got F-ed on the F train today. And I don’t mean that literally. I was running late to work: my hair was in a bun which just proves how rushed I felt, considering my hair hasn’t been in a bun since a dance recital in Irvine circa 1994. I’m riding the train and it appears that I’m on an E train because the little sign is showing me that we’re approaching 23rd street. But all of […]

Smell the Coffee, Bachelorette

Dear Friends, My best friend visited a few weeks ago and we met these two married men out. Of course, they hid their rings in their pockets as per usual bar-etiquette goes. Classy. One of them took some interest in my writing that he never followed through with, and the other told my friend he worked in the coffee business, but that he hates Starbucks and Coffee Bean. “That was the end of our conversation,” my friend later told me. […]