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The Marathon & #ObsesswJess

Dear Friends, I know what you’re thinking. And no, I have not decided to be extremely focused and train for a marathon (like everyone else in big cities in 2013). This is more a metaphor for how I’m feeling in life right now. I have some great news — an agent for The Butterfly Groove, a job that is about something I really care about and is slowing down for the summer, and dating isn’t even going so badly… Yet, […]


Dear Friends, I’m not sure why I seem to run into so many people who are limited emotionally. Is it an epidemic that runs rampant in men in their 20’s and early 30’s? I looked it up in the Thesaurus to find synonyms for limited. They are abhorrent words like inhibit, reduce, restrain, constrict, narrow and hinder. These are all terrible words that I associate with negativity, people who can’t enjoy life, people who are so afraid to let go […]

The First Time

Dear Friends, Not to quote a Lifehouse song (because that would be soo 2001 of me) but their song, “The First Time,” really seems to get to me every time. Perhaps because there are  rarely “firsts” in life that I secretly think everyone is after “feeling things for the first time.” But due to modern technology, and since our society is run by instant gratification, people are distancing themselves from virgin experiences (not THE experience, but virgin-esque experiences) because they […]

Meaningless Coincidence

Dear Friends, Meaningless coincidences. Isn’t the world full of them? I’m constantly running into someone, making note of something with valid, mystic connection, and wondering about the time sequence of something that truly translates into meaningless nothing. Someone crosses my mind, and that second they answer my call or I receive an email from them; I think about someone who lives in California, and then I see them in my neighborhood in NYC, just crossing the street. I tell a […]

Makeup Robber

Dear Friends, Hold onto your bronzer, get a Kung-Fu grip on that mascara, and watch your lipstick’s back. I am sorry to report that there is a makeup robber loose in NYC. Who steals makeup? That is my frantic thought on Monday morning when I cannot find my favorite Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (which, if you don’t know already, is the best invention and lasts forever). The only catch? It’s $45 per bottle and I have two. Well, being the […]

Crazy Love

Dear Friends, Writing about your life gets tricky when you’re seeing someone. I don’t know how Carrie Bradshaw did it for so long. I guess Mr. Big really, really didn’t give a shit, and if she had a website back in the 90’s, he would not have read it, but I try to avoid his types. I had an ex who hated the fact that I wrote about my relationships and experiences. In fact, he once broke into my “diary” […]