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I’m Tired

Dear Friends, I am tired. Exhausted. Insightful. Smarter. I am having to go through the exercise of tagging my posts from the past three years. Yes – Jessicabarraco.com is nearly THREE years old! I can’t believe it either. And we’re giving her a facelift before things really start take off with The Butterfly Groove – and life. I want my website to look as prepared as I feel. And now, when you read a blog post you like of mine, […]

The Dart Board

Dear Friends, I had the oddest experience on the subway yesterday. I took a line I don’t usually take at an hour I don’t usually take it, and it was like a whole new world. It felt almost like a bar on a Friday or Saturday night: everyone was chatting amongst themselves and really excited to be off of work even though it was only a Wednesday. However, there was another strange occurrence. Three young, cute businessmen were checking me […]

When I Woke Up This Morning…

You were on my mind. Yeah, you were on my mind. Dear Friends, The song I’m quoting is by We Five, a one-hit wonder band of 1965. This was me and my mom’s song. We used to listen to it on K-EARTH 101.1, the Oldies station. I have the fondest memories of riding around in my mom’s silver Volvo station wagon with her, listening to Oldies. But especially this song. It was “our song.” It was the first experience I […]