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Intentions Are Everything

Dear Friends, Is it just me or are you suffering from excuse-overload? I am so tired of hearing people’s excuses. Why do they feel the need to make them? The only reason you should make excuses as far as I’m concerned, is if you’re trying to get out of a workout class with strict cancellation policies and you would otherwise be charged upwards of $40 if you don’t show up… and you have cramps. I cannot come up with any […]

The First Time

Dear Friends, Not to quote a Lifehouse song (because that would be soo 2001 of me) but their song, “The First Time,” really seems to get to me every time. Perhaps because there are  rarely “firsts” in life that I secretly think everyone is after “feeling things for the first time.” But due to modern technology, and since our society is run by instant gratification, people are distancing themselves from virgin experiences (not THE experience, but virgin-esque experiences) because they […]

All It Takes Is One

Dear Friends, Why do people always say that? It’s like some terrible Hallmark saying that has gone way out of style. I don’t believe that there is one person who could make you happy, one person who can further your career and one opportunity that changes everything. I simply don’t. It is all people see because the world is so vast that you can’t fathom that other things/peoples/careers/places might make you happy because it is too difficult to bear that […]

The Great 50

Dear Friends, I just saw my favorite movie of the year last night – 50/50. It’s a comedy about cancer, and the reason why it works despite the morbid undertones is that the screenwriter based it off of his life. He experienced a cancer scare, and learned to be stronger because of it. He managed to depict a flawless range of emotions one would feel, and how they would all play out in a daily routine – you must eat, […]

The Old College Try

Dear Friends, When is the college try going to go out of style? Let’s recap from the urban dictionary for those of you who aren’t familiar with lazy, easily discouraged people/majors/projects that mimic that of a college student’s intent. College Try: Giving something your best shot, even if you aren’t sure how to do it. Attempting the “old college try” always results in uncontrolled rage and frustration rather than learning. This condition is only augmented by trying to find help […]

Meaningful Nothings

Dear Friends, You know what’s a better description for the word, coincidence? Meaningful nothings. That’s what they are. Coincidence sounds so scientific. I get the essence of the word – coincide – a coincidence is when two otherwise unrelated things align in an odd occurrence of solidarity. They are little messages from the universe saying, “Hey, what’s up guys – here I am!” Sometimes it’s a way of people from beyond giving us living people a message, I like to […]

The Dart Board

Dear Friends, I had the oddest experience on the subway yesterday. I took a line I don’t usually take at an hour I don’t usually take it, and it was like a whole new world. It felt almost like a bar on a Friday or Saturday night: everyone was chatting amongst themselves and really excited to be off of work even though it was only a Wednesday. However, there was another strange occurrence. Three young, cute businessmen were checking me […]

LinkedIn, Linked How?

Dear Friends, If you’ve tried to find me on Facebook and failed, it’s because I’m not on it. I relinquished the control that social media had on my life (except this website) about six months ago and it feels great! No more can I stalk the random girl I did not care about in college and internalize minute jealousy that she’s engaged before me, and no longer do I keep tabs on every drunken hook-up I had in college. Because […]