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The Marathon & #ObsesswJess

Dear Friends, I know what you’re thinking. And no, I have not decided to be extremely focused and train for a marathon (like everyone else in big cities in 2013). This is more a metaphor for how I’m feeling in life right now. I have some great news — an agent for The Butterfly Groove, a job that is about something I really care about and is slowing down for the summer, and dating isn’t even going so badly… Yet, […]

The Barbie Room

Dear Friends, My Barbie Room was the best part of my childhood. Inside this room, on Barbie Lane, everything was perfect. No one had cancer and no one was dying. Kens were monogamists – even though there were only three of them, and there were big Barbie families – the smallest one had three children. The families took turns living in the neon pink dream house. They took turns being doctors, lawyers and models. They took turns loving each other. […]