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Not Nora…

Dear Friends, It saddens me so much to write this post. My only writing icon and legend, Nora Ephron, has passed away. When I moved to NYC last year, I really thought I would be able to meet her at one point. Right before I moved, I read her most recent book, I Remember Nothing. In it, she speaks about what she will miss and what she won’t in her life. Among things she will miss, coming over the bridge […]


Dear Friends, If I could describe my saving grace in life right now – it could be summarized in one word: spinning. I know everyone thinks spinning is for chicks who are out of shape and too lazy to run, but they are so very wrong. Take a spin class with me and my friends and see for yourself. You will likely not make it through without nausea or needing to take a breather. Us girls go three times a […]

It’s A Harlequin Kind of Love

Dear Friends, Don’t you love how in the beginning of every romance film, they say, “And a romance like you’ve never seen before…” Why do people think romance is so original or complicated? It really just takes passion, bravery and luck. The right at place at the right time. The right head space at the right time. You have to hope you aren’t with the wrong person when you meet the right one. There’s always this fear that meeting the […]