Natural Woman

Dear Friends,
Looking at the beautiful city skyline right now, I can only think of one thing tonight. Natural beauty. What makes all of us feel like natural women? What brings the eu naturele out in all of us? For me, it’s definitely not nature itself. I am a city girl through and through. I think what makes me feel the most beautiful is confidence, strength, and some YSL mascara. Moroccan oil once a week doesn’t hurt either. But seriously, sometimes I feel like I have three parts of the equation without the fourth. Maybe I don’t know what completes my happy puzzle. Maybe natural beauty doesn’t come in a jar that you can buy at Sephora. Some of you readers might think, “She just needs to fall in love.” And the answer to that is, “Maybe You’re Right.” I haven’t been in love in a very long time, if ever. The only thing I’m in love with right now is my book and the city. And that’s enough for now.

Looking at the Empire State Building, I feel like I’m on the terrace section, not exactly shooting up the needle with happiness. One day, I will be though. And one day, I will be up on that needle, feeling really in love. Maybe it will be Valentine’s Day, and the Empire will be lit up with its gigantic hearts that warm up the city. Maybe I’ll have a hardback copy of The Butterfly Groove, or maybe I’ll have someone’s hand to hold. You’re never alone when you’re your own Valentine – no matter what day of the year it is.
So this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re putting on your mascara or going eu naturele, appreciate it. Be kind to yourself. And be happy you weren’t me three years ago. I endured a break-up on Valentine’s Day (please find in Press section). You might think to yourself, why does she even acknowledge this day? And it’s mainly because I am in love – with New York City.


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